Sunday, 22 April 2012

Making Brushes

These are my latest experiments in Photoshop. After attempting to find an original way of making textures, I felt I ought to apply the same tactic to my brushes, so my final piece could really feel personal to me and only to me. Thus I began to experiment with texturing brushes, and making patterns ready to turn into brushes, via the edit menu, and "edit Brush Preset" option. Then I could refine the brush to achieve the effect desired. I wanted to focus on brushes I could use to suggest texture on the piece, general brushes that could be used for the beginning stages, like the top two, for blending [bottom two] and general mark-making [vertical brush stroke] and general background texturing, from foliage to rocks. I think I may specialise some fur brushes so I can get a nice effect from the bear fur next.

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