Saturday, 25 February 2012

 This is my first use of the IPad for drawing. I hardly knew that it could be better for much more than Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja! On several layers, I did these one minute drawings, just to get a feel for the stylus. Being used to a tablet, I thought it'd come almost naturally to me, but apparently, Ipad and graphics tablet are very different tools! I felt that there was a lot less response from the Ipad, and I think this may be to blame on the stylus used though. 
 After the first exercise, I then had a 20 min opportunity to get a tonal approach to the new media. Again I felt a struggle to get the exact strokes I wanted. Perhaps with more patience I can achieve a little more accuracy, after all that's how I first tackled the issue I had with tablets and Photoshop! I also started to play with the array of brushes I had on Brushes, the app used for this. 
Finally I had a longer attempt which I took to colour a portrait this time, too. The use of colours in digital media for me is perhaps what I find most appealing, as well as how you can apply colour-  with Photoshop, I could use a layer in overlay mode to put on colour on top of a tonal drawing, and brushes allows the same to be done, which is brilliant! Again, I think it'll take a while to get used to it again. 

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